Sunday, April 22, 2007

One year!

Well, I'm extremely proud to say that I've been a low-carber for one year today. Thank you, thank you.

In this time period, I've lost 40 pounds, 4 inches of waist-line, and a 22 year old curse of chubbiness. Breaking this curse is by far my greatest accomplishment. Losing the weight was easy. Just stick to the plan and stay motivated by the moving scale.

Staying at my new ideal weight is the real deal, as the early excitement has waned and temptations to sway from healthy eating are numerous. But so far I'm hanging in there, helped by the variety and rich taste of natural, healthy, low-carb food.

Cheers to the next year, which will, I'm sure, be as rewarding and pleasurable as the last one has been.

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