Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hail the (Free) Trade Minister

David Emerson, the guy who decides what amount of tax you and I have to pay directly and indirectly when purchasing foreign goods, has decided that less was now better than more. You probably won't be surprised when I say that I agree with this idea 120%.

In a speech made in Gatineau yesterday to announce a new trade deal with 4 European countries, Federal Trade Minister Emerson made some interesting comments :

Perhaps [...] those who take an inward, protectionist and parochial approach to globalization [...] [feel] fear - fear of the unknown. Fear Canadians cannot compete. I think they are wrong. Canadians can and must compete with the best in the world.

And not just because our economic interests are at stake. Free and open commerce is also critical to fighting poverty, famine, disease and environmental degradation. That is how prosperity and technology are diffused to where they are needed.

Well, then, why not open the borders to all goods and services, regardless of their origin country? I mean, seriously.

If free and open commerce is critical to so many good things, then shouldn't more freedom of commerce do even more good? " 2+2.

Come on, Dave, a little effort here. 4 countries is a good start. Now let's invite the rest of the gang to the party. They do have a lot of poverty, famine, disease and environmental degradation to fight, after all.

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