Friday, April 13, 2007

Alberta in serious need of socialism

This is the province's new Premier, Ed Stelmach's, opinion.

There is a price to prosperity, a substantial price, as you will see, Stelmach said in a speech...

Stelmach said the province is dealing with double-digit growth hikes virtually across the board, leading to job and housing shortages and concerns about quality of life.

We need stable funding for municipalities, for capital projects, and we need to provide for the maintenance of public infrastructure," he said

He noted the province has committed $400 million for water and sewage treatment and affordable housing in Fort McMurray, the centre of Alberta's thundering oilsands economy

Here we go again with the unsustainable growth nonsense. The 2 main reasons why growth may be unsustainable are :
1. a bubble created mainly by inflation and;
2. not letting the market adjust on its own to changing economic conditions.

Clearly, Alberta's growth is more genuine than a mere paper bubble. What's threatening its development are the rigidity of the public infrastructures and of regulation. Even this second point about too much regulation is conceded by the Premier :

A deal will mean less red tape for Alberta business, and faster entry for the workers we need.

Stelmach said they continue to press for recognition of overseas credentials to fill job vacancies.

Why then can't he recognize the first point about rigid infrastructures that do not respond to price incentives? Why is his miracle solution to reduce Alberta's formidable economic growth to the detriment of everybody?

The solution to socialism is simply not more socialism. Sorry Eddy.

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